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The Weaving Map of the Liberties

Map Graphic V2.PNG

Here The Liberties Weavers present you with a map which will guide you through the textile history of the area of Dublin known as The Liberties. For the past 5 years, The Liberties Weavers together with DCC Historian in Residence, Cathy Scuffil have been researching this history, and here we are showing some of what we have found to date. There is much more to discover and any errors or inaccuracies stand open to correction  We invite you to explore what is known already and to join in the search for more. 

Illustrations featured are by NCAD Final Year student Sophia Ricotta who proposed the online mapping project to The Liberties Weavers while on a NCAD Studio+D8 Residency and worked with us throughout the project.. 

Thank you also to Cristina Nicotra and Marja Almqvist from the Liberties Weavers, who coordinated the project and brought the map online. 

The project would not have come to fruition without the generous support of  The Heritage Council.  

The Weaving Map of the Liberties
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