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Are You Ready?


Hands-On Learning

Our 2-hour Weavetime© sessions

They are run both in-person and online.  Our In-person students will each receive a full kit which includes all the material they need to make a bookmark.  During the session, they will hear all about the history of Textiles in the Liberties

Growing Together

For the online session

the participants will receive the kit in the post and will be sent a link for the zoom class.  Then in the comfort of their own home during the 2 hours they will learn the basics of weaving while hearting about the Liberties textile stories.

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Dive Right In

There are a number of classes run through City of Dublin Education and Training Board (CDETB) for those with time who wish to learn more about weaving and the rich textile history of the Liberties.  For more information contact us.

Interested in learning more about our courses?


"A perfect mix of learning a new craft, history and company"

"I not only enjoyed the evening but I had a really good night's sleep! almost definitely related."


"I had so much fun during this session, conversing with the instructors and the other participants as well. I see how this activity can be relaxing, calming, and a part of peoples' lives"

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